How Three Guest Posts Increased Organic Traffic by 150%


Guest posting can be a powerful way to boost your website’s organic traffic. When done correctly, it allows you to reach a new audience, establish yourself as an industry expert, and build high-quality backlinks to your site. In this case study, we’ll take a look at how three guest posts helped one website increase its organic traffic by a whopping 150%.

The Main Points

  • Identifying Relevant Websites: The first step is to identify websites that are relevant to your industry or niche. These sites should have a strong readership and a good domain authority.
  • Pitching to the Right People: To get your guest posts accepted, you need to pitch to the right people. Look for editors or content managers who are responsible for publishing content on the site.
  • Creating Engaging Content: Once your guest post pitch is accepted, it’s time to start creating engaging content. Your content should be relevant to the site’s readers and provide value.
  • Including Backlinks: To get the most out of your guest post, make sure to include backlinks to your website within the content. These links will help boost your site’s SEO and drive traffic back to your site.
  • Promoting Your Guest Post: After your guest post goes live, it’s important to promote it to your own audience. This will help drive even more traffic to your site.


  • Identifying Relevant Websites: how to pick websites that are the right fit for your industry or niche.
  • Pitching to the Right People: tips for pitching your guest post to the right people and getting it accepted.
  • Creating Engaging Content: how to create content that engages readers and provides value.
  • Including Backlinks: the importance of including backlinks and how to do it effectively.
  • Promoting Your Guest Post: strategies for promoting your guest post to increase traffic to your site.


What is a guest post?

A guest post is a piece of content that you write for another website. The goal is to establish yourself as an industry expert while also gaining exposure to a new audience. In exchange for your content, you are usually allowed to include backlinks to your own website.

How do I find websites that accept guest posts?

There are a few ways to find websites that accept guest posts. You can use Google to search for phrases like “write for us” or “guest post guidelines.” You can also use tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to find sites that accept guest posts in your niche.

What should I include in my guest post pitch?

Your guest post pitch should include a brief introduction of yourself, your website, and your proposed topic. Make sure to explain why your content would be a good fit for the site and how it would benefit their readers.


If you’re looking to increase organic traffic to your website, guest posting can be a powerful tool. By identifying relevant websites, pitching to the right people, creating engaging content, including backlinks, and promoting your posts, you can boost your site’s SEO and drive more traffic to your site. So, why not give it a try?

Author: Janis


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